Living with Pain: Learning New Coping Strategies for Chronic Pain


Stanford Univ. Medical Center 

There has been an explosion of basic neuroscience research that has changed how chronic pain is conceptualized. We have come to understand that severe unremitting pain can actually alter the nervous system, rewiring it in a way that can create and maintain pain long after a painful stimulus is experienced. This new knowledge challenges some basic assumptions about pain. Come join us in learning new strategies for dealing with chronic pain. 

Join Dr. Diana Adams and several expert guest speakers in her eight-week class directed at helping you:

  • Understand the new developments in our knowledge about chronic pain

  • Assess how pain affects your life

  • Learn about the relationship between pain and depression

  • See the variety of pain management treatment options available

  • Gain insight into the role of medications

  • Develop mind-body relaxation techniques

  • Prepare your personal pain management goals and strategy

  • Interact with the medical system

  • Experience the value of group discussion and sharing

There is something that you can do about pain!  Learn how to feel better!



ダイアナ・アダムス博士および数名の専門家による8週間クラスに参加しませんか? このクラスの目的は以下を手助けすることです。

  • 慢性疼痛に関する知識がどう進展したかを理解する

  • 痛みが生活にいかに影響するかを評価する

  • 痛みとうつの関係を学ぶ

  • どのような痛みの管理や治療が可能か、さまざまな選択肢を調べる

  • 医薬品の役割を見抜く力をつける

  • 心身をリラックスさせるより良い方法を作り出す

  • 自分の痛みを管理するときの目標と戦略を前もって決める

  • 医療と連携する

  • グループデスカッションや人に話すことの意義を経験する